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Our Payroll Consultants will process your payroll more efficiently and accurately. Outsourcing your payroll to us gives you the important benefit of payroll confidentiality and reliability.

We process our payroll through an advanced payroll system and with choice of printed confidential payslips or go paperless through push email. This also includes payroll instruction, bank upload file and monthly Government reportorial ready for filing and remittance. Computation of 13th month pay, final pay, leave conversion, and loan accounts monitoring schedule. The Annual Alphalist of Employees and issuance of their Cert of Income Taxes Withheld (BIR Form 2316) makes it more effective and efficient for the Company to outsource their payroll with us.
The following are the highlights of Flourish’s Payroll Processing and Reporting Services:
  • Automatic computation of 13th month and quit claim.
  • Printing of pay slip on monthly, semi-monthly and/or other periods on a need basis.
  • Diskette/softcopy materials or information for submission to SSS, PHIC and HDMF.
  • Monthly generation of the following:
              - BIR 1601-C, Monthly Income Tax Withheld
              - Social Security System
                 (Forms R-1A, R-3, and R-5)
              - HDMF Monthly Contribution Report-
              - Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
                (Forms ER-2, ME-5 and RF-1)
              - Home Development Mutual Fund (Form M1-1)
              - Other: HMO deductions, Loan Deductions, Cash Advance Deductions, others.
  • Preparation of Annual Certificate of Tax Withheld or BIR Form 2316
  • Annual reporting with the BIR (Form 1604 CF, Alpha List Schedule 7.3)
  • Process employee rate adjustments or changes for payroll processing.
  • Process SL/VL conversions
  • Compute authorized overtime
  • Administer legal holidays and scheduled leaves (upon change request)
  • Administer employee loans/cash advances



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