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Transcom Predicts Positive Growth for the BPO Industry in 2013


Transcom Philippines has recently announced forecasts that the BPO industry will make a profit for an estimated $16 B in 2013.   Attuned to this, the industry is also said to provide 720,000 jobs to the employment sector.
The outlook for the economic prospects of 2013 is very positive and this is due to the fact that the Philippine economy is doing very well.  More and more businessmen are investing in the Philippines.  Even foreign investors are taking interest in what the Philippine economy can do to their business.
The prediction of Transcom Philippines is welcomed by other BPO companies that have offices in the Philippines.  
Flourish Accounting Services & Technology (FAST), a company that offers finance and accounting services to both local and offshore clients, is among those companies that are greatly appreciative of this positive forecast.
More business in the Philippines equate to more jobs to the employment sector and of course, a stronger economy.




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