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RP is Granted Investment Grade Status


Through hard work and the serious efforts of different stakeholders in the Philippines, the country has recently gained an investment grade status.  
An investment grade status was granted to the Philippines by Fitch Ratings on March 27.  This is a first for a Southeast Asian nation.  
The different sectors  that helped to significantly improve the economic status in the country were the Philippine government which initiated a strategic fiscal and financial reform; the OFW's who  send remittances to their families, the business leaders who made investments in the Philippines and the BPO companies and professionals who work for the BPO industry.
As part of the industry that helped the Philippine economy thrives in its economic pursuits, the BPO community is happy about the investment grade that the Philippines recently obtained.  Among these is Flourish Accounting Services & Technology (FAST), a company that offers finance and accounting services to both local and offshore clients.
In light of this positive change in the Philippine economic sector, the management team of FAST shares that they are more committed to improving the services that they offer to their clients because the investment grade status that the country obtained serves as a key motivator for them.   
FAST has affiliates that also belong to the BPO industry.




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